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  • After long break, some news. Still, this project is one man show so don't expect quick replies from me or rapid development. More developers are always needed. That said, this project is not dead in any way, just little slow progressing.
  • Released version 0.6.70 with a bunch of fixes and little improvements. This release is focused on stability and usability, not many new features. Most important, we have an icon now!
  • PowerPC compatibility is on a good level now but you need a fixed FPC compiler (latest unstable trunk should be fine). Tested on iBook G4 running Fedora 12, only the ZIP plugin doesn't work - a bug in ZipArchive probably. As long as Fedora officaly ceased to support PPC archs, I'm not sure if I'll be able to test new versions.
  • 2008-10-03 
  • Released version 0.6.50 with tons of fixes
  • Introducing new GVFS plugin, considered now as main plugin for accessing network resources. You will need system glib >= 2.16.0 and gvfs libraries. The old gnome-vfs2 plugin is scheduled for removal in next version.
  • Tux Commander packages are now officially part of Fedora 10 distribution.
  • 2008-06-15 
  • For those of you having UTF-8 filename issues, there's a new snapshot you can try (v0.6.44):
  • Announcing new GIT repository, available at Check the development page for details. (Avoid doing often repo cloning, it's hosted on my home ADSL line.)
  • 2008-06-01 
  • Released new development version (0.6.36), compiled with FreePascal by default (i386 and x86_64 ports available). Although it's marked as development snapshot, it's pretty stable and recommended for download. Quite a lot of changes in this version.
  • FreePascal port is almost finished, some minor things are left to be solved. Kylix is planned to be supported as long as possible.
    Since FreePascal also supports MacOS X target, if you donate me a Mac machine, I can create the port for you ;-) FreeBSD and Sparc ports might be possible too.
  • New GVFS plugin is under development, planned as replacement for the old gnome-vfs plugin (gnome-vfs is getting deprecated in modern distros).
  • 2007-08-19 
  • After long time a new stable version 0.5.103 has been released. This is the last version in the 0.5.x series. The upcoming development series will bring many new features, including FreePascal port and new VFS API version as well as some new VFS modules
  • Gentoo ebuilds are now available for: tuxcmd-bin (recommended), tuxcmd-modules (recommended) and tuxcmd-modules-bin. Thanks all for inspiration in the bug #33478
  • Found this icon on while browsing Google. Interesting :-)
  • 2006-07-08 
  • Sorry for the long time between updates but I am rather busy with my private life and can't spend much time on development. I will keep this site running with occasional updates however I'm still looking for someone to take ownership of this project.
  • For those you are looking for new versions, please keep watching this directory: Beware this location contains testing development snapshots which may contain flaws.
  • 2005-03-26 
  • Tomáš Šafařík has contributed a Debian package of Tux Commander v. 0.5.70. You can grab it from the Downloads section
  • 2005-02-08 
  • I decided to release another bugfix version of Tux Commander - 0.5.70.
  • My apologies to anyone who had troubles with the plugins from binary package, they have been compiled with gcc 3.4, which requires a new library not present on most of the systems. All plugins are now compiled back with gcc 3.3 to ensure compatibility.
  • 2005-01-30 
  • Released development version 0.5.64 with many new features. The next version will contain more UI polishing and various smaller enhancements
  • 2004-12-10 
  • I will be presenting Tux Commander as semestral project in the GUI course on my university with some new features. You can expect next release at the end of January 2005.
  • 2004-09-06 
  • Daniel Areiza has contributed a Debian package for Tux Commander 0.5.39 (available on the Download page)
  • 2004-07-07 
  • Lukasz Michalowski has contributed a Slackware package (compiled on Slackware 10, Kylix 3 Enterprise) for Tux Commander 0.5.39 (available on the Download page)
  • 2004-07-05 
  • Released testing snapshot of Tux Commander v0.5.39 with working VFS and gnome-vfs module (tested FTP and SMB subsystems)
  • Updated Development page with some informations about the VFS
  • 2004-04-13 
  • As you can see, we're against software patents in Europe. Click here for more information
  • I decided to release unstable snapshots more often than the stable ones for your testing pleasure. The works on VFS are in progress and probably will take another few months. The snapshots will be available on the Download page
  • 2004-03-21 
  • Mark Michelsen has contributed a Slackware package for Tux Commander 0.4.101 (available on the Download page)
  • 2004-02-10 
  • Released Tux Commander version 0.4.101
  • Fixed homepage rendering problems in Opera
  • Added some new screenshots
  • 2003-11-07 
  • Released version 0.4.70 of Tux Commander
  • Updated the screenshots
  • 2003-10-01 
  • Released version 1.0.5 of gtk2forpascal package
  • 2003-08-14 
  • Complete new design of the site, how do you like it? (currently designed for Mozilla)
  • Released Tux Commander version 0.4.49
  • This project is hosted on Logo
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